DLOS, Inc Management & Consulting
Focusing On Aspects of Human Resources Management 

Philosophy and Mission


                                                                      MISSION STATEMENT

         "DLOS, Inc. is a cohesive, collaborative organization, dedicated to working with and for our clients within the business industry. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service through trained and motivated individuals and recognizing that our clients and internal personnel are our most valuable asset.  We stand for integrity, honesty, efficiency, professionalism. Our clients, internal customers and the community we serve deserve nothing less than our best."





       Ten years from the date of inception, DLOS, Inc. will be one of the top five management and consulting organizations in the business/industry industry as a pathway for new and veteran artists/businesses/professionals to achieve local, national, and world recognition.  We will achieve this through talent management, cutting edge communication, higher quality customer service, honesty, and professionalism that services our clients and internal customers.



      The Edge is a management process with an extreme customer service focus for individuals and businesses alike.  Clients will benefit from this process (developed from 25 years of experience and knowledge) using HR methodologies.  The edge identifies and defines the true business of the client from a customer centric focal point.  This will allow the customer to maximize a return on investment (ROI) using limited organizational resources to achieve end goals and success.

DLOS, Inc.
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Milton, Florida 32572

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